What We Offer

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*10% of all proceeds are donated to Khan Academy in order to continue their mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere*


Professional Development

Provide training for educators to use a center based approach to teaching in order to reach students on their current academic level daily through free educational resources.

Technology Infrastructure

Full creation of student and teacher accounts infrastructure in order for administrators and educators to drive instruction for the individualized needs of every student through targeted, analytical data.

Eliminate ESL Barriers

Provide your district with the ability to translate online educational resources into over 200 languages.

Increase Parental Involvement

Provide your district with the ability to assist parents and community members to take a larger role in their child's education through understanding of and access to free educational resources.

Videos & Tips

Access to navigational videos, implementation tips, and anticipated troubleshooting issues that will allow for educators to maximize the understanding and use of Khan Academy in the classroom.


Provide individualized blueprints and focused timelines for districts to eliminate intervention and curriculum budgets through the targeted use of open educational resources that align with state and district standards.

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