Conor and Josh are living the work they are teaching others.

Having access to not one, but two, Khan Ambassadors is a great benefit! Both Conor Corey and Josh Gerloff are extremely well-versed in the many facets of Khan. Not only are they able to inspire students to do more, they are adept at developing the knowledge of teachers and colleagues. Their work with teachers in the Palisades School District has proven effective. From an initial day of face-to-face in-service, to a booster training through Google Hangout, and followed by a day of observation on-site, Conor and Josh avail themselves to assist teachers in better understanding all that Khan can offer to enhance the student learning experience.

The teachers in Palisades learned more than just the semantics of the Khan website. They were given instruction on how to not only access data, but how to best utilize it to form small-group instruction, to differentiate activities, and to move students towards growth. They learned techniques to incentive the learning process and how to navigate a process of growth mindset.

Conor and Josh are living the work they are teaching others. As classroom educators working with students each and every day, Conor and Josh can relate their experiences with colleagues, which allows for buy-in and understanding. There is additional value in the training they provide because they are living what they are teaching. This is one unique aspect that they bring to the table when offering professional development.

Because of their accessibility and knowledge of Khan, Conor and Josh have afforded an opportunity to the teachers in Palisades to be better poised to help their students achieve through the use of Khan.

Dr. Michael W. Donnelly | @Dr_Donnelly_PSD
Palisades School District
Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Engaging and Meaningful!

Josh and Conor are valuable resources with their expertise in the use of Khan Academy in the classroom. Khan Academy is Common Core aligned and provides individual learning paths for each student and they even have SAT prep! Our teachers are also using Khan Academy with NWEA MAP testing. Thanks to Khan Academy PD, we learned how to take our MAP scores and use them in conjunction with Khan Academy to create an personalized learning plan for every student. We would recommend the use of Khan Academy PD to all teachers who wish to add an effective, open resource tool that will stay with their students’ for a lifetime.

Perkiomen Valley School District
Building Administrator